Monday, May 31, 2010

WE HE HE ELLLLL ! look who comes crawling back!

Well I am ridiculously hopeless when It come to blogging....I'm SORRY :(

I have had a really hard time with the whole "comp prep" but who doesn't. BUT I am getting there.. I am very happy to say....

A few things have happened.... I have a new coach.... Ellena is fantastic but in all honesty I was the first person she prepped. She was hardcore which is also ok, but "I" felt like because she didn't have a problem sticking to the diet she didn't really understand why I did.

I'm seeing people to help with the self sabotage thing I do.... so I am confidant I am on the right road.

Thanks Hannah, Shannon and everyone that has given me kind words and support. Its kept me treading water as My family arnt as supportive.
Thank you. !!


  1. Hey T, very important to have someone on the same page or someone who can at least relate/understand. Who ya going thru now? I am thinking about getting help to prepare for the southerns in 2012. gotta be huge and totally ripped to stand on the stage with the open nabba girls!

    When you find the answer to the self sabotage, can u let me know?! cos I am sick of dealing with mine. I am trying so hard to not eat crap food this week. nibbled a bit at the kids home made pies last nite... was prob only two small mouthfulls but still! arghhh!!!

    hang in there sweets. xxx

  2. More then happy to help out where i can babe you have been there for me in my highs and lows just repaying the favour, its nice to be able to honestly open up and chat to others that know just what you are going through! Hope you are feeling heaps better MWAH xo

  3. Hi Tiarna! Sounds like you are well and truly on the right track and great to hear you know when to change coaches when it's not right for you. BTW I just LOVE that PIC - stunning!!! Nicole xx