Friday, March 26, 2010

Update Pics :)

Hi girlies :)

well its 14 and 1/2 weeks till the day !! excited much,lol
Thought I might put a couple of progress pics.
Training and Nurtrition are 100% and although I have not seen a big change in scale weight Im gettin leaner for shizzle.

Just wanna quick shout out to Hanny, babe. I hope this week see's you feeling much more awsomer (not a word, i know). xoxo


  1. Hello!!
    Looking awesome there girl!!! You have got lotsa muscle going on!!! Def could get on that IFBB stage with your physique;-) Keep up the awesome work Tiarna it is really paying off for you xx

  2. Looking awesome T!! You can see you have been working hard, getting really nice shape in those muscles. You are going to rock da stage in July. xx

  3. Go girl, damn you have some awesome muskles there chicky! Can't wait to see you up there again, keep up the awesome work xoxoxo

  4. Looking good Tiarnah, I agree AWESOME is the word for you. Looking forward to following your journey to the stage again. Good luck xx

  5. Jeeze guys thanks so much fir the fricken AWSOME comments!! It really pushes me harder I appreciate them sooo much!!!

  6. Wowsers Miss T - damn girl you got some musckles happening in there!!!!!!!!
    Bring on July!

  7. Awwww thanks for the shout out babe Luv you long time your looking friggin fabulous T-Doggeroo! Keep up the awesome work : )