Monday, March 8, 2010

OK, so Ive been cruising along and then all of a sudden I get a nice 4kg increase in scale weight!! WTF!!

I have an implant in my arm and being an extremely hormonal person its been running rampant for about a month, getting TTOM sporatically etc. I get very bloated, and have so much swelling that my my feet are even uncomfortable to walk on.

So, I am getting the little shit removed! and so help me god if I get pregnant!

I don't normally ever take diuretics or anything but I'm seriously considering it!lol

Being 17 weeks out I still have plenty of time but this has set me back cause its going to take a little bit to sort itself out.

I have an awesome training partner Marco, who has competed himself and has a very different way of training, I will never train the same again. I actually get a little scared before we train, that's how hard it is,lol. (SERIOUSLY)

Id better get some peaking biceps this year or shits gunna get real ugly. He is great because he is not afraid to tell me what I need to work on, sometimes quite blunt. For example, '' your biceps are shit! we have to work on those" thanks for that mate!

One thing he is not touching are my legs. (thank god)

Other than all of that all is as it should be, this time next week my weight will be settled and the bloat WILL be gone. I might post some progress pic soon..depending on whether i can find my camera,lol.

Hope all you girls are going real swell, and feeling great!!


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  1. Hey T, those implants are nasty little shits! the sooner it is gone the better. I got an IUD a few years back and it is the only contraceptive that has no made me pile the weight on.

    pmsl @ ur drawing btw too hehe

    That 4kg will be gone before you know it. Just focus and watch ur food.

    T xx