Saturday, February 27, 2010

The power of belief

The Picture above is a picture of a person, who has finally started to believe in herself!

Last Sunday I fell of the wagon.
On wednesday I had to see Ellena, she was aware of my mistake.
I gained 500g on the scales, and although it was probably just fluid, the lesson I learnt that day has changed me. For good.

I was just about to begin my Incline chest press and I could sense that she was really annoyed. I saud to her, "youre really pissed off arn't you?" she looked at me and said. "Tiarna, Im dissapionted." I felt like I had betrayed her.

I have had people say things to me like, it doesn't matter, everyone makes mistakes, get back on the wagon tomorrow...blah blah blah the dont really, truley care. Beacuse they normally have there own things going on. But I could tell that she actually really cared.

She said, " Tiarna, you could be a champion! physically you could!. But mentally, you are not where you need to be, and it takes both of those elements for you to be your best."

To have someone who barely knows me really care about if I succeed or not was the thing that made me start believing. Hey Im not silly, I know that its her name as well that could be at risk if I get up there looking shit. But it was more than that.

Yes its only been a week, but I can feel the switch has been flicked.



  1. wow she pulled the disappointed card out on you! that one hurts! she is right though. Be all that you can be T-Dog ;o)


  2. Hey T...hmmm started typing then realised that I am not sure how to word how happy I am to hear that you have found your inner strength again. Ellena is so right...you DO have what it takes physically, but that don't mean shit if you aren't there mentally. Glad to see the switch has been flicked and you believe in yourself. You CAN and WILL do this girl!!

  3. Rock on T-mister you only gave em a taste of what your capable of doing last year show them you mean business this year hehe! Remember you have my number if you need me in times of self doubt i don't mind being the bitch and telling you to harden the F**k up hehe!
    Be the best you can be xx!!

  4. Thanks guys really....heaps! feeling sooo bloody good it sickening :) Han can you please text me cause I got a new phone.
    Vic - You my lil friend are the voice of wisdom ;)
    Tara - you thanks, Im SO DISSAPIONTED,(lol)That I cant come see how you have grown!!!