Friday, January 22, 2010

Long time no update!!

Hi all bloggers :)

Sorry I have been so busy lately so some things have had to take a back seat, although I do chat to alot of you on facebook,lol.


things I am up to this year,

Competing in July ;)
Second year of Uni - hopefully
Saving for our first house.
Training a couple of people for their first comp.

and everything that comes in between when your a mum and wife.

We are in Melbourne currently and Its so nice to be close to Brads family, feels like they are my own.

So I know its short but I have to get myself into bed! I am doing the thousand steps in Dandenong ranges in the morning. OMG! Fantastic for the legs.

I really hope everyone is doing wonderfully. So who's competing this year????

Take Care

Quick Progress shot ;)

Bottom photo was taken at roughly 23 weeks out last year, the photo on top was taken 24 weeks out from July comp2010


  1. Hey T, wow what a difference!! you are leaner, wider and have much bigger shoulders! you rock!!

    enjoy those steps ;o)

  2. Nawww thankyou guys. Yep, Im looking foward to it this year, I wanna win :) (who doesn't)lol. I thought I wouldnt have another go, but bugger it. I did it half arsed last year. So this year Im sticking to the plan!!

  3. Wahoo! Good to have you back chicky :) You are going to be awesome!! Can't wait to see you get up there again. Progress shots looking good. Shannon xx

  4. I love the thousand steps... I do it as often as shin splints will allow.

    Might see you there.

    : )