Saturday, November 14, 2009

A new chapter

Well It sure has been a while!

I have been so busy its not funny. The family and I are moving to Melbourne on Dec 1st, Brad will be leaving next Friday to drive down and I will be spendinf another week with my dad and sisters on the south side of brissie, before I take the girls down.

A couple Of thing to report;

Post comp: feeling much better now, getting back on track! Weight : 76 so thats + 7kg from comp day weight, I feel every gram,lol.

I have a new trainer Ellena Tsatos

she is friigin awsome and want to have me ready for the INBA in April, we will see. I was thinking the All Females, but she wants me to do both.

Training is intense, I try to lift as heavy as I can, thats what I am used to, but she wants me to train a lil different, and I am cool with that.

I have been studying for exams which are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week. Physiology and Anatomy....... need I say more!

Im working on losing a few kgs before christmas, I wanna sit at no more than 5kg above comp weight, however I do have to come in MUCH leaner this time. Im working everyday at making this a lifestyle thing, so Im not getting to upset about setbacks at all.

well Ihope everyone else is doing well, and thanks to you all for your support.


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  1. hey babe! where are you?? you should blog, want to know what you've been up to girl!!