Monday, October 12, 2009

Well this aint much fun!

Well long time no post , thought i would visit blog land and see how everyone is doing. Personally I feel like a 10 tonne tessie and feel horrible. A lady at my gym asked me this morning if I was feeling Sad or angry beacuse I dont look like what i did before, that and the fact the I dont think I have had ONE clean day since comp,lol. Whoops a daisy :)

My answer was NO! Im not sad and Im not angry, I mean sure it would be nice If i could easily get back on track but its very, very hard at the moment. I am struggling with the fact that If I want to look like that all the time, I am going to have to be strict like that all the time. Am I ready for that? Do I want it that bad. hmmmmmmm

So every night before I have been going to bed I have been telling myself that I wall get back into it, I know I will.
But Im not waiting for bedtime anymore, today I was fine till lunch then being lazy instead of cooking some vegies I ate bread with lemon spread, 2 icy poles and a fun size chocolate. Now normally I would keep eating crap, but not this time. Im not going to lose another day to absolute bullshit excuses. Im hardening up! It has only been three weeks since comp, I cant have completely undone my hard work.

Mentally I feel fine, which is strange, I guess its cause I have been here before. Hope everyone else is having an easier time post comp.



  1. Hi Tiarna
    I can feel your struggle in your words. I had a bad time after my first comp and after my 2nd but it wasn't as bad, so it does get easier and we know a little more each time.
    Your body isn't supposed to stay like comp day easily, otherwise there would be no off season, the increase in weight, the puffy look etc it is bound to happen, I know damn sure my body wasn't supposed to stay 7% bodyfat after my first comp, thats not a healthy BF level for a female hence the loss of periods etc. By the sounds of it your mind is playing games too, the sooner you can find a middle ground the better for both body and mind. Perhaps eat well but try planning a 'treat'(whatever you fancy) each day for the next week, then reduce to a treat every other day for a week then to 2 x week then once a week where you sit? Just a suggestion.
    Good luck, Shar x

  2. Oh honey i know exactly how you feel i'm struggling myself as you have probably have read! This week so far a lil more relaxed bout it all but sometimes when your not in the right mind frame to deal with it its hard hey! Im sure you will find a balance soon babe don't be to hard on yourself! Im just a phone call away if you need to unload k Take missy! xx

  3. How you going Tiarna??

    Any better with the nutrition?
    Shar x