Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh for FS!!

So its getting close... real close!!

How am I feeling? well ...ok, I feel like I have soooo far to go and so little time to do it in. But today I have come to the conclusion that I have given it all Ive got. Im dissapionted in myself already knowing just how much I have cheated along the way (diet wise) Im even a little angry at myself about it but I do have to let it go.

I talk to alot people along the way who say things like " I never cheat" It makes me feel een worse!

I am still VERY heavy on the scales above the 70kg mark... now tell me, how in hell could I even be close to where I am supposed to be when Im still above 70kgs!! F*#ck it!! I have a hurdle exam on monday which will determine if I continue in a particular course and OF COURSE its the hardest part of the course its on anatomy!!! easy you say. I dont think so....

WE have to know ALL bones and muscles there origin, insertion, action and Innervation!! good luck to me :(

If ever there was a time for me to quit it would be now!

70 kgs WTF


  1. Throw those nasty scales out babe, they will only do your head in. Go by the mirror (and your progress photos) not the scales - they can mean anything. I am currently 11kg above my last comp weight and HAPPY about that, it's not a diet comp and you don't want to look skinny, you want to look like you have sexy muscles!!! You have come such a long way (and ON YOUR OWN - even more reason to be bloody stoked with your accomplishments) and have given it your all, whatever happens on the day - take it with you and let it make you stronger for next time.
    You look fan-fucken-tastic if you ask me.
    Vic x

  2. wow that just impresses me! no one knows your weight or body fat when you're on stage and Ive seen your pics- you are lean and look amazing! no regrets babe!!

  3. Hang in there girl!! Weightloss is not the goal and it has taken me a huge amount of brain power to bloody "get" that! You have done fabulous all by yourself!!! I love watching your progress and man look at that progress!!!!!! No matter what happens on stage it is just your first step to your next level... HANG IN THERE!!!!!