Wednesday, September 23, 2009



I got some great feedback from the judges which was awsome, they said it was my legs that let me down, and although I had "sensational" thickness,lol I was NOT lean enough. But i did know that. So im going to bunker down and work on that over the next 6 months and see what happens, I cool with how I went, I placed 4th it was a great line up and we all deserved to be up there. I was stoked to get a call out!!

I was told I had the best abs of the day!!!! thats right the DAY WTF!!! gotta be a lil chuffed with that,lol. Very happy :)

Hannah and Kristen were beautiful and it was so good to be there with people who were genuine and passionate about it!! congrats girls WE MADE IT!!!

PS Shansky... thankyou for being my slapper I know you enjoyed it so,lol..... seriously though I knew i had some work to do when she was slappen away and everything was moving. I said " haha Shannon, that shouldn't be moving like that should it, lol" she looked at me and just had a giggle.... that was when i knew. hahahahha


  1. Congratulations Tiarna, you looked amazing up there, and how fantastic that the judges said you had the best abs!! You should be super proud of everything you have achieved!

    It was nice to finally meet you too :)

    Hilary xx

  2. Congrats Tiarna, you look fantastic in your photos - you've prabably been bitten by the bug now!!!

  3. Tiarnah,
    You look gorgeous! That is awesome the judges complimented you on your abs. I thought your legs looked great too. But I am not a judge. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Hugs, Bobbi Jo