Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up ya bum

woops a daisy!!

Had a lil bit of a low carb moment today and ran up the arse of an old fella..... bugger!

He was all shitty at me, Im sorry Mr Ahole, have you never had an accident or made a mistake.... oh silly me, you must be perfect.

So anyhoo the only damage that I did was crack the plastic on the number plate, I took photo's with my phone so the ol codger cant take me for a ride..... cant trust anyone,lol. Anyway, silly man obviously needs to get his eye's checked. GREEN MEANS GO!! even my 5 year old knows that!!

on other notes everything a SAWEET! in mightymouses words :)
still cheat free and caruuusing along (thats mine) lol.

Spoke to Jo today and she has sent out my Bikini..... woop woop. I think it may have helped that I ordered super early. Think I might go and see her one Friday soon, get this posing thing down! Anyone wanna go halvies ????

Well just a quick check in, I hope we are all kicking butt out there in blogland. Keep it up!!


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