Saturday, August 1, 2009

Much better

Feeling much, much better today ....phew. Thanks Kristen!

I guess I just had a moment, this dieting stuff is really hard hey.lol It not easy to try and juggle family life and comp prep at the same time especially when your hubby is never home! but its ok Ive done 101 days so far with only 49 to go... and by GOD I am not giving UP!!

My goal is to be cheat free for 49 days.... I dont care that in the past I have not done it I just care that I do it now, this is so important to me. I will do this.


  1. Im with you girl, just because we've never gone that long before doesn't mean we can't. its definately a case of keeping all the balls in the air isn't it xx

  2. yep i agree with Steph! keep it up babe, you CAN do this and you WILL as you said :)

  3. I am up for that challenge Tiarna, I will try and stay cheat free for the next 49 days too!

  4. Im with you too hun! Man these head games are a challenge but we are all going through them together! You are doing so well, one more week and half way there no stopping us now! xx