Thursday, August 13, 2009

Im sorry.... what???

meh! I feel like crud!

scales and measurements are just not reflecting what I think they should and its really PISSING me OFF!

So Ive cut cheats out and one would think that they scales and measurements would go down but alas, they have not.

Im tired, cranky warn out and friggin over it. I dont feel like this fat is EVER going to come off my arse, seriously.....I only have 5 weeks and Im still FAT! I can honestly say that I have been doing everything in my power and I am still hitting a brick wall.

Stinking head games!

a chick say's to me the other day " are you still competeing?'' and then followed it up with "who's doing youre diet?" I could have punched her!

Im sorry but I should LOOK like im doing a comp by now shouldnt I???

tomorrow will b better!

Hope everyone is going well and training hard :0 not long now 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36

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  1. hey T, hang in there. I have been feeling the exact same way as you are. I have dropped nearly all trace of carbs, upped my fat and hopped on some bsc fat burners. Oh and took something to get my bowels moving **sorry too much info** and i dropped over 1 kg overnite. Was retaining water, and hovering above 61.2kgs and just couldnt get lower than that. Tomorrow I will be at long last!!! Totally mind F$cks u though hey!! now long xxx