Sunday, August 16, 2009


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Its so strange to finally be on the "countdown" to the comp. Last night I sat down and with the help of Vicki's pure awsomeness I was able to devise the plan right down to what I have after stepping off the stage, and because I did that.... Im totally in the zone!

I feel different, more in control.... Im stoked!

Brad is away this weekend, so training is hard but this morning i took the girls in the pram all 28kgs of them and took them for a run... yes run! I cant believe how bloody fit I felt and if you have ever been to Caloundra there is some nasty hills! Came home cleaned the house top to bottom, got all the washing done, meals cooked ... everything!

I have Uni all tomorrow, then placement on Tues & Weds down in Caboolture. So between dropping kids off, and picking them up, training, eating, sleeping.... oh Im buggered!
Gosh Im a whinger hey, lol....

So I may be a little MIA, but ill still be lurking.

Good luck over the next few weeks to everyone, our rides nearly over!!
Peace out!

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  1. Aaawww hon you're gorgeous - but it's all you!! You are the one doing the work, not me (well that's a lie, I am doing my own work hehe) I'm just here to give you a lil nudge on the days you are hesitant about the next step :) You are gonna rock it!!
    Vic x