Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fat bum !

Now, Im a little worried....

I have 4 and a half weeks until Im stepping up on stage with virtually nothing on and I still have a fat arse! I have this perminate dimple, that i have ALWAYS had and it just wont go. You would think that 4 and a half weeks out I would be a little tighter.... but Im not, it doesnt look nice at all!!

oh i dont know......


  1. It is always the last bit to tighten up. I am in the same boat, stressing about the junk in ma trunk too!

  2. LOL! We must all go through the same thought process. I sat on my spin bike and did heaps of bonus sessions (as I like to call them) as I was petrified of being the big bum on stage.

    I cycled to my mantra "I will not have the fattest ass on stage, I will not have the fattest ass on stage..."

    Amazing how much a tiny piece of lycra can motivate you......... :)