Tuesday, August 11, 2009

39 Days

Meh.... whats with the ginormous gappage!!
thats the second pressie I get for having 2 kidlets

Im still alive and sorry that I have been soooo slack in blogging but I simply have NO time!! between Uni the kids training the kids and placement at caboolture I has been bloody busy!!

I had a shithouse weekend, felt a little flat and felt like Im NEVER goingt o get lean enough, I still feel that way but Im not dwelling on it im just pushing through the head games! It was this time last year I pulled out!

Had a much better day today, so I feel more focused. I have lines coming up in the legs so thats great, I still have rather doughy looking arms which really shits me to tears, hopefully the next 39 days of sensation eating and attitude will help bring my baby bi's out.

My arms and my arse need ALOT of work I feel. Oh, we are our harshest critics are we not! Abs are passable but not chaching.... (negative nancy leaving now)

But I feel GREAT! even though Im beaing realistic I still feel great!! weird hey,lol

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  1. Tiarna - you got nothing to worry about! Look at those hot abs girl! Hey! I think we might meet on Friday... I am seeing Jo from 9-11am which is right before a session you had booked if you are still going... see you then.

    Oh and don't be so god-damn hard on yourself girl! You are doing great! I'm sure of it :)