Monday, July 13, 2009

Dont tell me Im not a runner!

Well its so great to hear that everyone had a good experience at the all females and shanskie's YOU ROCK!! did I not say she had a rockin bod!

well ive tightned everything right up now for the tail end of my comp journey, Ive laid the foundations and now its time to get serious. The time so far has gone so quick I know that this next 9 weeks will fly by as well.

Ive cut out free meals, changes my cardio plan and Im heading in on auto pilot, Im not trying anymore, Im doing. Luckily I can get away with having a fair few calories, so I decided to take them a little higher and Im cycling my carbs a little.

Must say Im excited, I took some progress shots last Saturday and I am happy. I mean Im not Olympia material or anything but I have worked hard these past 5 years to change my life around. I have done that, and Im STOKED so anything from here is a bonus.

This is me 5 years and two babies ago!


taken 04th January, the next day I went for my first "jog" lasted 2.5 mins.

I ran 27 kms that October.

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  1. Hey!
    Too bloody right about Shannon having the bestest upper body EVER! I so wanna be just like her! Your progress pics look good :)
    You starting to get excited?