Monday, July 20, 2009

So so

So not much to report on planet Tiarna, still cruising along and Im feeling a bit more confidant with how Im looking... but lets not get exited, I still got a looong way to go.

I have no idea how manly mls I am, I have no clue how much I weigh. Im going by feel I will start to weigh myself soon I do know they will be up atm cause I fell of the wagon a couple days back.

So you see why I have not been posting.. nothing really to report.
I failed one of my exams :( luckily it was only by 2% so I get a re-sit. This time I will not have to hurry through it so I can pick up a sick kid!!!

8 & 1/2 weeks to go!
Exited..uh huh
Nervous... uh huh

Hope your all well


  1. thanks for taking time to update even though you're feeling a bit nervous, stay positive and you'll feel great again in no time!!

  2. I was wondering how u were going. Hey r u doing ANB? I notice they have put a 60sec limit on the routines. Let me know if u need ur song re-edited.

    Have a great week. T x

  3. Hey chickadee! I'm sure you will ace this next exam!! With you through the good, the bad, and that damn ugly food hehe! Keep up the great work babe! : )