Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

Im am friggen tired.

Im eating comp, living comp, talking comp, and sleeping it. All in all Im over IT!

I go to sleep at night and its the last thing on my mind, I wake in the morning and its the first thing I think of. I know that this is probably quite normal but for god friggin sake,lol.

Im enjoying the journey but you really do get a bit over how consuming it is. Took some progress pics last night and I was happy with how they came out, still holding abit of squishyness in place but thats cool.

Im not really sure how many mls I am because the person who does my mls has not got back to regarding an appt time, Im thinking it pretty rude actually. I dont understand Personal Trainers who dont return calls or emails....whats with that?? I think I might go to an old trainer of mine.

Training is Saweet since a added more carbs, Diet has been 100% too. Had a free meal last night of lasagna and I couldnt even finish my dessert, hubby was shocked. Actually, so was I.

Still not sure if I will do the ANB comp... not interested in doing a routine AT ALL, waiting around all day to do it later on, really puts me off.

Jeeze Im a bit of a sook this morning arnt I? lol.

Other than that, nothing much else to report. Hope everyone is going well with their preps, its so cool how many of us are doing them:)


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  1. Hi :) thanks heaps for your lovely comment, it was really what I needed to hear (that people who love us should want to see us doing what makes us happy!) how are you going today? I have days where Im just a bit over the process too, just go through the motions!
    Still deciding which comps to do? Ive been really worried about doing a routine but are starting to get some ideas together...
    keep up your great work!