Monday, June 1, 2009

The results so far!

4.5 weeks ago Today
Weight 82kgs 75.5kgs
Height 177cms 177 cms
Waist 76cms 71cms
Hips (high) 93cms 88cms
Hips (low) 110cms!! 104cms(stubborn shit)
Thighs(biggest) 66cms 61cms
Biceps 33cms 32.5cms

How am I feeling?
Pretty happy, Im a little tired but I cant complain. I just want it to hurry up so I can say "There, I did it!"

Its pretty crazy at my house at the moment, brad has to go away again but this time its down to Victoria as his lovely sister just gave birth to a still born baby boy. Devastated is not the word for it. My heart is really, really sad for them.

Im just so so so so bloody luck to have what I do, put it all into perspective. Well speaking of family hubby and I are home alone today.........

See ya :)


  1. Nice results!!
    Keep going you will be there before you know it.
    very sad for your Sister in law, we must all remember how lucky we are everyday.

    Shar x

  2. Wow Tiarna!! 21.5cm lost is fantastic!!

    My deepest sympathies regarding your sister in law and brother :o( how very very tragic for them.