Saturday, June 6, 2009



How quickly is the time going??

So I have a couple of questions, does anyone know much about divisions and stuff? I know Im getting ahead of myself but how can a novice competitior (INBA) qualify for the Olympia's? there is a NABBA/WFF about a week or so earlier if I placed in that federation, (not that I would cause there all on the gear)lol. would that allow me to compete as intermediate?? Its all soooo confusing, Im just really curious?

or can I skip the novice and go straight to intermediate or open or whatever its called? Please dont think that I think im really good or whatever but one wouldn't mind to have a stab at the olympia, what have I got to lose??

Cheers Girlies,

PS, down to 80 mls - 9 sites..... 45 to go!!!


  1. Hey Tiarna!

    All i know is that it is federation based ie: if you go into the WFF it doesnt count in the INBA ie: if you are a first time competitor in the INBA - you are a first timer - period. As for qualifying with INBA - I THINK you have to place top 3 in your state to qualify....I THINK - best to email the INBA to clarify!!

    GOOD LUCK AND AWESOME BF % - that is amazing!!!!


  2. Hey Tiarna,

    OK. You can qualify for the Olympia from any of the INBA categories, but they don't have a Novice division in the Olympia. You can still compete at Olympia but would need to compete in Open Physique (they call Figure 'Physique' in the Olympia). There is no issue there, as long as you are happy to go into the Opens.

    You can't qualify via a WFF comp for Olympia, has to be via INBA. Most states are top 3 in each division qualify, but I think QLD is top 5 - best to check with the QLD Promoter who will be able to tell you for sure.

    You are doing awesome hon xx

  3. Hi Tiarna,
    Nice to "meet" you! How are you feeling bout your first ever comp?? Im Also wondering the same question as you bout being a novice and qualifying for the Olympia. Im just on the Goldcoast above the NSW border. I love reading everyones blogs so i thought why not create one myself. Look forward to hearing more bout your journey. Ill be there scared as shit with u hehe!
    Take care.