Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?

I was thinking about Kristin's post on why would you want to compete as this really strikes a chord with me. Ive been on and off training for a comp for three years and when I am asked this question, well, I cannot answer it properly.

In all honesty the thought of getting up in front of complete strangers, virtually naked does not really appeal to me. (I mean I can post pictures of myself in a bikini on the net, but you still have a sense of ridiculous anonymity). The answer for me is much deeper, I still cannot put it into words properly or even think it 100% but its more of a feeling of drive and inner strength.

I am worth it. I will and can do it, I deserve it. But still there is something else I just cant put my finger on... I believe it something to do with my childhood as silly as it might sound. But this time I'm not trying to prove myself to anyone, only myself, hold on. That's not entirely true, I am trying to be a good role model, so I guess I am trying to prove myself to others. I do also enjoy getting approval from my peers, oh blimey... see what I mean.

Why do we push ourselves??
On that note, Im off to train.

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  1. Yes you are worth it!!! and you can do this!! Its good you have taken the time to work out your reasons for doing it... I quite often ask myself why I want to compete - at the end of the day make sure you do this thing for YOU x