Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I is so, so tired!

Today has been a tough one, Im bloody hungry, bloody tired, and over it all. I managed to get in my bodyattack class, followed by glutes and then a little afternoon session of cardio and abs. Nothing incredibly amazing to report, all is well and Im travelling on ok. I got out the comp heels and did a couple of poses in front of hubby. He reckons the only place that I have visible cellulite is on my arse..... now that was a surprise....NOT!

Yeh im feeling leaner, feel like Im looking a little better blah blah I cant be bothered at all,lol. My losses are still around the 3 mls a week so I am on track with that, but visually not a crapload of difference in the past couple of weeks. On a different note,

I really hope you have had a wonderful day:)

Im going to bed to get ready for my much better day that I am going to have tomorrow.


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