Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crapping Myself!!

For some reason I'm absolutely shitting myself, the fact that the comp is now 12 weeks out is making me anxious. I'm worried that my legs wont come down, that my arse is to... well... freely moving. That I just plainly will stuff it all up.

Cause I really know that I'm not pulling out and no matter what I have to get up on that stage. But perhaps this is a good thing that I'm worried, maybe this will keep me in check. I don't want to stuff this up. So I'm really determined to put it in for the next 12 weeks, I'm so bloody motivated at the moment its hard for me to sit here long enough to type this,lol.

Taking the family to the races today, its a family fun day. The girls are gonna love it!

Take care all.



  1. Best thing is to channel that anxious energy into your training. You've got a plan - all you need to do is make sure you stick to it & let the wobbly bits take care of themselves!!
    You've got a good foundation, now just knuckle down & go for it :)

  2. don't stress babe! we're all in it together! i'm sure you can make it if you get rid of those doubts! you need to believe in yourself too! we all do! can't wait to be up there with you :)