Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8 weeks and this is what I have to show so far!

It feels good to know that I have made these changes in 8 weeks, makes me feel alot more confidant in my abilities for the next 12 weeks!!

Feeling really good again, I think i was a bit low on the ol carbs so I bumped up my intake a little and Im feeling much better. Going to catch up with Shannon next week, cant wait to see the the spunkrat! I bet she is gunna look the goods! oh and If you reading this Shan, my phones shat itself so Ill text you anoher number shortly:)



  1. Look at those wings.

    Nice work Tiarna.

    You're doing fantastic.

  2. Looking good Tiarna! Keep it up!

  3. Money can't buy a V taper like that!! Keep on truckin'

  4. Oh gosh u guys!! woo hooo thanks heaps, its soooooo good to hear. xo ( *lets out relieved sigh now*)

  5. Wow T! Look at you... some really big improvements there - love the big V. See, I told you, you had big muscles! lol Think of the changes to come in the next 12 weeks keep going chicky!

    will be in touch about next Tuesday - Geez, pressure on now, hope I deliver the goods. he he