Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 days of BLISS

Hi all :)

Im curretnly down the goldie with my two beautiful sister with NO KIDS!!! 3 sleep ins... well kinda. THis morning I work up at 7:30 wich is a sleep in for my, soooo nice.

I then hit the gym with 40 mins cardio raced back woke my poor baby sister and did a little metabolic sesh with her, poor bugger. SHe is thanking me know though.


My braces should be coming off today....YAY!

Ill post some pics later on. Traning is still great im not being to killer with my nutrition over the next 3 days about 80 - 90% cleaqn everyday is what Im aiming for myself.

Well I gotta go, hopefully be back later with some beautiful straight chompers to show you!

1 comment:

  1. yay @ getting ur braces off and having kid free time!!!

    Hope that you have a wonderful time with your sisters.

    Tara xx