Thursday, June 25, 2009

12 weeks and 2 days to go. So....

Im going to have a couple of days completely OFF!

I have my husband home on leave, and my kids are home so I decided before I put myself into "the mode" Im going to have a couple of days to enjoy with my family beacuse Im going to need there help over these coming weeks.

Im feeling good and confidant in my abilities for the next 3 months I know there will be ups and downs but Im going to do this it will be to the best of my ability. (I DO NOT plan on competeing again.)

So we are going to pack up the kids and go camping!

check in a couple of days, Its time to bring it home Hannah and Kristen are you guys with me :) :)


  1. sounds like a great 2 days!!
    Have fun and enjoy your family!

    Shar x

  2. Hi T,

    A few days off sounds perfect! So glad you feeling great Have fun xx

  3. Hey!
    Im about 12-13 weeks out from my first comp as well, at this stage Im saying things like I may never do this (compete) again so Im going to give this one everything I've got. To me, it depends on whether or not I enjoy the journey as it gets more difficult and the comp on the day. So im interested in what makes you say you're definately not doing this again?

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Well I might be a little niave (spelling?) but it takes a huge toll on the time with my family. I was going to compete last year but I pulled out, so Ive been looking to compete for nearly 2 years and I ve has some real uppers and downers in that time. While my kids are still babies 5 and 2 I want to dedicate myself to them while they need me. But, I do need to do this competition for myself, so, Im asking my husband to help me. I cant expect him and my kids to put up with my strict training and diet schedual. But thats just me and thats just for the next few years. Im young, and IF i want to do it again it wont be till Ive done the most important part my job as a mum. Not that that job ever ends :) So... does that make sense??

  5. Enjoy your time off! Then full speed ahead when u get back! Will be there with u guys im so happy to have meet a few girls on the same path as me! 12wks of sweat, emotional challenges and a damn HOT body in the end!