Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Long?

With 16 weeks to go I'm starting to really grasp that its getting closer and closer as weird as that sounds. I cant believe how quickly the time is moving.

I trained this morning hill sprints and then shoulders at the gym later, I'm getting nice compliments and its so nice to know that you heading in the right direction. In all honesty I DO NOT get a big head I actually always get embarrassed and change the subject. Every time!! I don't need approval from anyone else but to get feedback, that is what I do need. I don't mind someone telling me that I need to work on particular areas, I take in what they say, I interpret what they say, then I Investigate. I research.
After all I would be a fool to take just one persons advice and Ignore all others.

Some trainers say go hard, some say, ease into it. I say do what you know is best at the time, when you learn better, better is what you will do!

I get hungry, I feed my body. I want to feel fit and strong, I train. I want to get lean, I consistently do both. You dont have to be perfect and I think that is the BIGGEST mountain that people cant get over. They think " I crap, I blew it. Well mise-a-well eat till I explode". Consistently eating crap = feeling tubby and feeling crap.
Consistently eating well and training = Feeling fit, healthy and Looking how you want to.

Its not rocket science, but I'm sure, deep down we ALL know this.... but its the few that are not afraid to climb back on that succeed. :)

shit, that was more in depth the I though, lol

Hope it makes sense.


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  1. Nice to hear things are going so well for your Tiarna! Great posts too, I agree :)