Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well I am cruising along quite nicely atm, feeling good and I am starting to see some changes, thank the lord!!

Was doing my ridiculous 3x30 40kg lunges..OUCH! that I noticed that I am getting a little more definition in my quads, so that's awesome. Still have a looonnnggg way to go but Im enjoying my little victory. My tummy is much more flat and Im so excited that I am already tossing and turning in bed at night thinking about it.

Will pay for my bikini tomorrow, so Im just about all set, just gotta keep practicing my posing. I really suck at posing. But im guessing the hotter I look the more I will wanna see myself, lol.

Think I might need another session with shelley pretending to punch the air out of my stomach to get my abs through... shit that was funny, works a treat though :)

Take care,

T-minus 11 days till measurements and progress shots!!


  1. Ready and waiting for you babe.

    Let's catch up after comp.

  2. Awesome you are kicking some butt T!(or should I say gutt) lol Keep up the good work - you'll have massive boulder shoulders in no time :) x