Monday, May 25, 2009

4 weeks down - 17 to go!!

well at the moment I'm just chilling out, kids are in bed including hubby and I have the biggest mammoth pile of clothing to fold. Wish I was Mary Poppins!!

Im still cruisin, I had a couple of days last week that were not 100% but Im not worried about it really.

Im getting so much fitter, I feel really great and I can fit into all of my clothes which I'm really stoked about. Another few weeks and they will be too big :) Im getting compliments too which is really nice, but nothing beats the way I feel when I wake up.

Had a killer chest workout today:

Incline bb press 30kg - 3x30 reps (each set closely followed by squats and step ups to keep heart rate up.)

Cable fly 3x30 supersetted with 30 push ups (on toes) No rest

Wide deep unassisted dips, dips and more dips.

And then trained lil babe tri's


  1. Lookin' good - keep plugging away & let me know if Mary Poppins does house calls :)

  2. Look at those abs - looking good!!! Keep rolling and you'll reach your goal before you even know it. Glad you are feeling better! x