Monday, May 18, 2009

Measurement update!!

Well Im happy as a pig in shit to report that I lost 20mls in the past 3 weeks!!! woop woop.
Just another 50 to go,lol. 19 weeks to do it in :)

Piece of piss, I had a few treats on Sunday night and I kind celebrated my little victory with a few lollies just now, bugger it...oh well. Im now seeing Kelli fortnightly, Im now doing 30 rep sets on top on 50 rep sets down the bottom.... shit!!! Start shredding some of that intramuscular fat. She reckons I have plenty of muscle so I do not need to build anymore, kinda disappointed in a way... love showing some of the little guys at the gym up,lol.

No in all seriousness, Im going well. Been having some pretty intense craving of late but I know its just that cycle you go through.

Well Im off now to cook the girls some dinner.

Well done to all the girls who competed on the weekend, you all looked wonderful. I got some good shots of everybody, Shelley, Katie and Selina if you guys want them. Don't be freaked out, I just thought I would take a few just in case.

Take Care all.



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  2. Hiya Tiarna, Great work on the bf drop!! that is sensational!! I am doing similar with my training now too, although only doing upto 30 reps - 50 on the bottom brings back bad memories of my first year haha - my old trainer had me doing on average 50 reps but sometimes over 100.

    have a great week! xx

  3. Nice work Tiarna. Keep it up!

    Hey, missed you at dinner on Sunday night.

    Pretty please can you email me photos:


  4. Was really good to catch up in person on ?Sunday... Congrats on the loss! You looking really good - so keep at it. hmmm, lollies :)