Monday, May 11, 2009

Just sitting down in my nice quite house...ahhhhh. Carbless bar and a cup of tea...nice. Just did body attack! been six years and I still love that class. Does not matter how fit you are if you work hard it will KILL you,lol.

Just caught up with a couple of friends who are competing in the net few week, Bianca Aiono
http://biancaaiono.blogspot.com/and Amanda Brett, its Amanda's first show but Bianca has been down the road a few times. They both look AWESOME!

Im still cruising along with everything and as I was saying to Bianca "Im in the ZONE" don't know how or why but I have been doing really well lately. Very proud of myself:)

Measurements on Tuesday so hopefully that reflects my kick arse few weeks.

On other news, I found out that my mum will be coming up from VIC in August which is good but my mum, well Isn't the most maternal person in the world and my kids don't really have a bond with her. Which really hurts. I go the park and I see kids playing with there mums and grandma's and I wish that my mum would be like that.

So if there are any grandma's out there who would like to adopt two lovely children as gran kids drop me a line,lol.

Enough of that now I have to go and clean my house, have a good one girls :)


  1. hey T, I love those carbless bars!!! I didnt realise that Bianca blogged, will go and check out her site. I was just saying the same about how I am feeling - re in the zone.

    oh and I know exactly how u feel about ur mum. My mum in the same way. my kids actually call her grumpy nanna. she acts most of the time like she doesnt give a shit about them!

    have a great day xxx

  2. You tried the Horleys Crunch Bars? Mmmmm - yum. Even nicer than the blue ones. I have one EVERYDAY!

    Good luck with the measurements but remember they too can lie like the scales. Just keep moving forward and you'll get there honey.