Friday, May 8, 2009

God I'm Lucky

(This is Ariarna, aka, smiliest kid in the world. Tahli was still asleep)

Just taking the time out this morning to appreciate how lucky I am, as a someone I knew lost a son last week..

Here I am posting about OMG I have to lose body fat and build muscle. Made my heart ache.

So I decided to write about what I most love and what Im lucky to have.

  • I have a wonderful husband, who loves me. Im lucky that he didn't give up asking me out over 8 years ago after numerous knock backs.

  • I have two beautiful daughters, who are the most lovely natured kids in the world. Im lucky to wake up to them every single morning.

  • I have a Super dad, who somehow manages to keep everybody happy. He's also proud of me. (that's lucky)

  • I have a fantastic relationship with my husbands parent's and family. They are like my own.

  • My friends, especially the ones that you can be around all the time and never get sick of. Im lucky they put up with me. xo

There are many more things I am lucky for, but these are the ones that are closest to my heart.


  1. Great post Tiarna...sometimes we get so caught up in the little things that we forget the important stuff.

    It's great that you can see what that stuff is, and count your blessings for it all.


    PS - what a gorgeous pic!!

  2. Nice Pic Tiarna!! Cute.

    Your so right......I'm 'stopping to smell the roses' at the moment, making changes to ensure what is most importent in life actually takes priority.

    Great post.
    Shar x

  3. YO YO - lovely to meet you Tiarna!!!! Got my eye on you now ;)

    Mate - we are LUCKY and take so many things for granted, we should be more grateful for the life we have not the life we want x