Thursday, May 21, 2009


I woke up this morning to two almost normal functioning nostrils! ha ha I really must have a very boring life If im reduced to talking about my airways,lol.

On other news Brad is finally home today so I get some help with the kiddies at last. ahh Just got back from docs after my 2nd round of hep b shots, hopefully I dont get sick this time!

Measured my hips this morning out of curiosity and I have lost 6cms in roughly 4 weeks! uh huh Im on a roll still.

I LOVE Saturday mornings... there is a class every Saturday morning that I always go to Its AWESOME. Very VERY hard!! Its like a bit PT session for a full class. 45 mins and 500- 600 cals later.... yes I bullshit you not! My HR does not go below 145bpm the whole time!!

ok, enough pointless chat.

Hope your all well,


  1. Hiya T, sorry to hear that you have been sick :o( Huge congrats on dropping 6cm!!! that stage is not going to now what has hit it come september!!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy ur class tomorrow.

    T xx

  2. Your facebook sidebar says you're missing marshmallows and jelly beans. Why can't you have them? In moderation of course. Log and enjoy then you won't feel deprived and go hell for leather later.

  3. Hi Shell,

    Yeh I do Know that, but this has been working for me and I dont want to stray from the path just yet. I have promised myself if I REALLY REALLY want then I will have have it but I have not needed it yet. Im learning as I go. Thanks Shelley :)