Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Bother!

You know that feeling... when you try really hard and you think you are doing the best job you can only to be told that you suck and you have a long way to go....

Thats what happened to me today and in all honesty its really the story of my life. Now this is not a "oh please feel sorry for me post" this is a, Im sick of this bullshit second grade crap post!

I obviously am not trying hard enough, THAT is what its boiling down too. I will not let this shit beat me again, never ever ever ever again.

I worked my arse of for an assignment at Uni, thought to myself, yay this should be a good mark, I barely friggen past!WTF!!!!!! 9.5 out of 15 thats 63%.

Oh to top it off, Im 109 mls !!!

Bugger dumb shit crap,lol.

Breathing deeply ..........

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