Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not such a good day

Well the title says it all. I have had friends from Victoria staying with us for the past few days and I have allowed myself to be a little lenient!

Today I was far too lenient and I ate too much, no excuses, I stuffed up!

I'm roughly five months out from comp and even though I have a little bit of size to me, I have WAY too much body fat. I need to knuckle down. My Intra goal for the next month is to lose in between 15 - 20 mls over all. Very achievable.

On the training front Im going great guns.

So gotta get a little meaner on the nutrition front!


  1. LOL... small world! yep that was us at Kelli's for my weekly "You can do it!" session LOL wouldn't be able to hang in there without her thats for sure..

    Must say hi next time we pass each other..