Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think my wagon has broken wheels!

Cause I came off today.....
and I should have known it was coming, I recovered myself from near misses all day, but then the shitty phone call I had was the straw, and I repeated history. Or did I ?
I shouldn't actually get totm's because I have Implanon... however got it today.. I finished my stir fry and I was full, but not 1 hour later and my tummy was BURNING!! now this is happening to me quite allot. Usually I just go to bed and deal with it, Ive increased my Cals to 1700 but still that horrible burn.
I once had a trainer tell me that that burn was what I should be feeling and to embrace it!! what a load of horseshit!! My body is hungry!!
I had not prepped my food as well as what I should have as I ran short of time and my breakfasts have not been substantial enough.
My week has consisted of studying for an assessment exam, running kids to schools, myself to Uni, cleaning houses, cooking dinners and training and getting sick again, doctors appointments. All by myself, Ive got no one to help, so you know what, bugger it.
Ive been doing a good job lately, today was just one day that got on top of me and tomorrow I will make sure that I give myself what I need in order to complete whatever it is that I need to do.
I just talked myself right out of that one didn't I, lol.


  1. Hey T,

    Yep, its very easy to come off the wagon when there is alot on your plate! Jump straight back on track and keep cruising :) Sounds like you are doing a great job with being so busy. Make sure you have a good breaky to see you through x

  2. Good on you for turning that post around - it looked like you decided to cut yourself some slack halfway through LOL. Preparation is the key in this game, hey. You pick yourself up & keep going - we all have blowouts, it's how we handle them that makes the difference!