Friday, April 24, 2009

Banana Chips!

100g's Banana Chips = 500 CALORIES...... so ask me how i know this.

Cause I ate a heap of the bloody things at the movies with my daughter, you know so I wouldn't eat chocolate and pop corn. Low and Fu*%$n behold they where a shit load worse than anything I could have eaten.

I thought, dried banana... yeah that should be ok, what... do the deep fry the shit!

I have been so fatigued these past couple of days, this morning I Dragged myself out of bed, ok, Ariarna was screaming for her bottle, but I got up. Raced around like a blue arse fly to make it to 8.15 circuit class, which mind you is bloody awesome the dude knows how to CANE you!!

Got to the gym and it was closed. I could have cried.

This last week has been pretty hard for me, not sure why. I have been going really awesome up till then, its really bad though because I think about the comp all the bloody time its frigging annoying me already, Im not concentrating on my uni work cause Im scared im going to stuff up my nutrition, blah blah blah. I need to focus, and be positive. That's what I need. I need to deal with issues one at a time and stop worrying about,

1. Failing again
2. Being the chick who tried to compete but never did.
3. Pick one nutrition plan and stick to it ( Im all over the place with this, its really bad. I did well on still having my 2-3 coffees a day, yes I have sugar. The weight still fell off me.)
You get so many people telling how to do things, that atm I feel a little lost....

I think I will keep doing what I have been, with my coffee and reassess at say 16 weeks out. I get my braces off in 7 weeks and I wouldn't mind feeling lovely when that happens too.

As of today Ive lost 4 kgs 82 down to 78, has been up though these last couple of days...
and Ive lost 3cms of my hips :)

So I am getting there. Its been 4 weeks since I started although I did have a week of around Easter so really three weeks.

Well I hope everyone is happy and is having a wonderful time this weekend.

Grandpa Mitch, Im thinking of you today and Im so grateful that you help make Australia what it is today for my family.

Thankyou, and Nanamitch misses you everyday. xoxoxo


  1. Hi T,

    Funny how you wouldn't think dried fruit would be bad but it is! congrats on your weight loss so far... keep plugging away. It can get confusing with heaps of different opinions and ways of doing things... keep it simple and don't stress too much - plenty of time. One meal, one day at a time and aim for consistency not perfection :) z

  2. Hey T, that sucks about the bananas!! I would have felt ripped off too, for the same calories you could have had something naughty and enjoyed it!!

    Huge congrats on the weight loss!! I wouldnt stress too much about your nutrition. Just keep it clean and unprocessed and keep track of your insulin spiking carbs. Speaking of which, I still have 1tsp of sugar in my green tea. I tried to give it up, but F##k it, I am keeping it. My weight is falling off from just eating clean and taking out the 6 slices of bread I like to have a day.

    call me if u want to have a chat. xxx

  3. Hey babe! Keep at it... try not to focus on the things that you would feel if you didn't compete... it's a tough road, as I am finding out too, so just keep travelling it one day at a time, but look after yourself along the way too.