Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to school

Well, it has begun. The crazy mornings in my house trying to get it all done, Brad has been away for the past two weeks, not that he is here a whole lot anyway,lol.

Got home at 5 after Uni and picking the girls up and cooked, cleaned, cooked, bathed the girls, bedtime duties and now I'm studying again... phew.

Got in a good training session this morning, felt awesome and organised at uni... its all happening. Ive been eating heaps of egg whites lately, I mix them with frozen veg and a tsp of cheese, yummo!

Ive had another round of blood tests, find out the results on Friday... so sick of blood tests!!

On a completely random note, have you ever noticed how people change when they become successful? I mean fundamentally they are the same but they just don't find the time for the common friends or courtesy, actually shits me to tears....

Never burn bridges, you never know if you will have to cross them again....

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