Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Up she goes!!

weight 80.7 lol.

Well that will teach me for having a piece of chocolate cake and 1 and a half donuts!!

Had a little bit of a partay yesterday, and I'm not really that upset at all that I had a couple of things I shouldn't have. Why? Because I STOPPED!!

I didn't have any more than that cake and donut, and that what I have been like for a couple of weeks now. I'm very proud of myself as its been a long long time since I have been able to do this.

I know that these little slip ups will cost me time but hey, I'm in no hurry. I'm learning this is my new lifestyle forever so, its gonna happen.

Everyday I tell myself its ok, you gonna get there.. you will get there.

Life is complicated if you let it be that way, it all boils down to choices. Well most of the time.

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