Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trying something new!

Weight - 79.7

Over the past week I have been eating allot more calories around the 1700 mark, now on this amount I have not been feeling deprived and my craving's are no way as intense OR is it possibly that my belief system is changing.

Instead of trying to fight of the cravings and going mental in the process I simple think about it, say hello to it and then I think about something else. Im on winner here, I just know it.

I know the cravings are purely in my head because I never have them in the morning or really late at night its ALWAYS between 3 and 7.

Ok, on a completely different note. Does anyone know much about child's speech? My youngest is turning 2 soon and is still not talking, I mean she kind of says dada and mama and ta. The child care worker who looks after her said that it could be something to do with her tongue, as she dribbles allot and her tongue sort of sits on her bottom teeth. I'm a little concerned but not stressed I know that she is healthy but it would be nice to make sure that everything is ok. So if anyone knows anything it would be a big help.


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