Monday, May 31, 2010

WE HE HE ELLLLL ! look who comes crawling back!

Well I am ridiculously hopeless when It come to blogging....I'm SORRY :(

I have had a really hard time with the whole "comp prep" but who doesn't. BUT I am getting there.. I am very happy to say....

A few things have happened.... I have a new coach.... Ellena is fantastic but in all honesty I was the first person she prepped. She was hardcore which is also ok, but "I" felt like because she didn't have a problem sticking to the diet she didn't really understand why I did.

I'm seeing people to help with the self sabotage thing I do.... so I am confidant I am on the right road.

Thanks Hannah, Shannon and everyone that has given me kind words and support. Its kept me treading water as My family arnt as supportive.
Thank you. !!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Come join me here!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Update Pics :)

Hi girlies :)

well its 14 and 1/2 weeks till the day !! excited much,lol
Thought I might put a couple of progress pics.
Training and Nurtrition are 100% and although I have not seen a big change in scale weight Im gettin leaner for shizzle.

Just wanna quick shout out to Hanny, babe. I hope this week see's you feeling much more awsomer (not a word, i know). xoxo

Monday, March 8, 2010

OK, so Ive been cruising along and then all of a sudden I get a nice 4kg increase in scale weight!! WTF!!

I have an implant in my arm and being an extremely hormonal person its been running rampant for about a month, getting TTOM sporatically etc. I get very bloated, and have so much swelling that my my feet are even uncomfortable to walk on.

So, I am getting the little shit removed! and so help me god if I get pregnant!

I don't normally ever take diuretics or anything but I'm seriously considering it!lol

Being 17 weeks out I still have plenty of time but this has set me back cause its going to take a little bit to sort itself out.

I have an awesome training partner Marco, who has competed himself and has a very different way of training, I will never train the same again. I actually get a little scared before we train, that's how hard it is,lol. (SERIOUSLY)

Id better get some peaking biceps this year or shits gunna get real ugly. He is great because he is not afraid to tell me what I need to work on, sometimes quite blunt. For example, '' your biceps are shit! we have to work on those" thanks for that mate!

One thing he is not touching are my legs. (thank god)

Other than all of that all is as it should be, this time next week my weight will be settled and the bloat WILL be gone. I might post some progress pic soon..depending on whether i can find my camera,lol.

Hope all you girls are going real swell, and feeling great!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

The power of belief

The Picture above is a picture of a person, who has finally started to believe in herself!

Last Sunday I fell of the wagon.
On wednesday I had to see Ellena, she was aware of my mistake.
I gained 500g on the scales, and although it was probably just fluid, the lesson I learnt that day has changed me. For good.

I was just about to begin my Incline chest press and I could sense that she was really annoyed. I saud to her, "youre really pissed off arn't you?" she looked at me and said. "Tiarna, Im dissapionted." I felt like I had betrayed her.

I have had people say things to me like, it doesn't matter, everyone makes mistakes, get back on the wagon tomorrow...blah blah blah the dont really, truley care. Beacuse they normally have there own things going on. But I could tell that she actually really cared.

She said, " Tiarna, you could be a champion! physically you could!. But mentally, you are not where you need to be, and it takes both of those elements for you to be your best."

To have someone who barely knows me really care about if I succeed or not was the thing that made me start believing. Hey Im not silly, I know that its her name as well that could be at risk if I get up there looking shit. But it was more than that.

Yes its only been a week, but I can feel the switch has been flicked.


Friday, February 5, 2010

well, this week has been a bit hit and miss I tell ya!

I trained with Elena on Wednesday and she is very happy with how I am looking, its very comforting but then You always run the risk of the ol "well I can afford a chocci today cause I am on track'' trick, and the next thing you know you feel like a ten tonne Tessie!

but Im easing back to it, I had an intense craving last night and the bitch bet me, but I will not dwell. I dialled the emergency shanksy number and all was sweet ; ).

At 22 weeks out it feels really hard, cause your not exactly on a depletion diet so you feel a little aimless and its easy to lose focus really easily.

Scale weight is absolutely friggin extraordinary, I am the heaviest I have been in a Long time, but I am not as flabby. Still is hard to remember the aim of the game when you have these numbers burning there way through your retina's into your brain, which can easily set of a OMG I'm disgusting moment. But I'm smarter than that, and the scales...just quietly can kiss my arse.

I have a few job interviews this week, one which I am pretty excited about will let you know in due time.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend, and all is going to plan.

T-dog ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

23 weeks out update shot!!

Mind the excess flab, I start depletion in 7 weeks. Coach says I gotta stay like this till then :) Me thinks I have more muscle :) :)